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Most B2B SEO is lazy.
Google ignores it, prospects hate it. You can do better.

If you want qualified traffic from organic search, your content needs to genuinely resonate with your prospects.

To achieve that, we help you create unique, defensible content that your prospects will actually consume—proving to Google that your blog is worthy of ranking.

Ideation machine

Source ideas from your team, or use AI to generate them from your sales calls, and discover content gaps that competitors have missed.

SEO content editor

Create one-click outlines and AI-drafts while keeping a human-in-the-loop, coauthor with your team or contractors, get internal linking suggestions in realtime.

Technical SEO automation

As a CMS for Webflow, WordPress, and more, effortlessly manage all on-page and site-wide SEO including auto image compression, internal linking, and bulk find & replace link updates.

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Unlock revenue-generating traffic from search

Create quality content at scale that both ranks highly and prospects will actually consume.

Competitive gap analysis

The future of SEO goes beyond just keywords

Google rewards meaningful, helpful content—not something that could have been copy-pasted from a competitor.

Letterdrop's AI-powered Content Gap Analysis scans through top-ranking competitor pages, identifies all the content gaps primed for you to capture, suggests stats, intent, topics, and whitespace to cover so you're always producing defensible content that your prospects will actually find valuable.

AI-powered in-line expert interviews

Capture SME interviews with the help of AI

You need defensible, first-party data and media if you want to drive qualified traffic from Google.
Simply send your question to an expert, they'll record their answer, our AI will caption the video and add your logo ready to upload to YouTube so you can embed it in your blog post.Google rewards content that shows unique perspectives, expertise, and experience.

Why do companies choose Letterdrop?

Learn how our customers are tackling these common marketing projects.

Parting ways with an agency and moving SEO in-house

Descript replaced multiple tools and clunky workflows and simplified collaboration with Letterdrop.

Trying to build up their site's internal link profile quickly

Letterdrop’s Bulk Find & Replace feature updates pages' internal links with one click, helping clients like Synthesia, PolicyMe, and more with technical SEO.

Struggling to manage their agency or freelance writers

Letterdrop streamlines managing SEO writers for clients like Close, Scribe, Descript, and UserGuiding, reducing wasted effort and constant revisions.

Wanting to repurpose their video content with AI

Use AI to turn videos and podcasts into blog content with a single click. Scribe, Rize, Eppo and more are saving turning owned media into revenue-driving SEO

Needing to scale SEO content production

Letterdrop decreases the time it takes to plan, edit, and publish a revenue-generating blog post. Eppo, Scribe ramped up their content ops effortlessly.

Managing their blog on Webflow

78% of our customers chose Letterdrop as a CMS for our quality-of-life improvements we make to managing SEO for blogs hosted on Webflow.

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/month annualized
Give yourself the highest chance of ranking with content. Automate the grungy SEO work to free up time to add your company's unique insights. Built by ex-Google Search engineers.
Automate the technical knowledge of the best SEO agencies
Information gap analysis to create competitive content
Add useful multimedia with one click. Run AI-led interviews with experts for insights. Upload directly to YouTube and embed in your page. Your competition can't copy that
Automatically build internal links
Bulk find, replace, and publish changes across your content
Monitor pages to be refreshed and get alerts when you need to take action
Google Docs like editor that published natively to Weblow, WordPress Classic, and HubSpot
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Creating great content works

Scribe's paid signups went up 11x in 1 year

Scribe has seen astronomical growth from SEO using Letterdrop in just 12 months.

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Increased Traffic

They went from 6k search visits per month to 70k


More signups

Uptick of 1,736% in sign ups from search


Paid search leads

Saw 1,100% increase in signups from paid search

Explo increased search traffic 18x

Explo wasted no time on scaling their SEO content with Letterdrop

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Increased Traffic

They went from 6k search visits per month to 70k


More signups

Uptick of 1,736% in sign ups from search


Paid search leads

Saw 1,100% increase in signups from paid search

Ready to drive more qualified traffic?

SEO is changing. Stop wasting time with outdated techniques. We helped build Google Search and now want to help you create helpful content to be discovered by your buyers.


How is Letterdrop different from other SEO optimization tools?

Letterdrop is the only SEO tool that optimizes for both people and Google. It helps you:
• answer search intent
• understand what topics (not just keywords) are already covered today
• identify new ideas that haven't been talked about (information gain)
• follow technical SEO best practices
• build internal links

Can I just use ChatGPT to achieve the same results?

Nope. Letterdrop pulls from different data sources - the top pages on the SERP, your Google Search Console, and first party data. We've spent thousands of hours studying SEO best practices and implementing them so that you can just focus on your customers, not the nitpicky details of SEO.

Will Letterdrop bring me more qualified traffic?

Check out our case studies, where our customers have seen 18x traffic and 11x paid customers from running content SEO programs with Letterdrop.