You don't need to be an expert to do SEO right

Write helpful articles that rank using a thoughtful research assistant and SEO optimizer. Monitor pages to refresh and build internal links. The one tool you need for content SEO built by a team from Google Search.

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What is my competition missing?

Learn exactly what to write to rank over the competition

Write complete articles without any information gaps using our competitive SEO analyzer. Both Google and your customers will love them.

The world's first SEO tool that thinks like a human

An AI researcher to help you write for humans

Other tools will tell you to repeat a keyword 6 times. This doesn't work in 2023 and sucks for your customers.

Instead, our AI researcher will read dozens of pages for you, figure out what you need to cover, and generate well-researched first drafts.

Take it the next level and add new information no one else is covering to boost your ranking on Google.

Technical SEO optimization on autopilot

No more manual SEO checklists

Automatically check your content against over 60 different technical SEO best practices to make your page easier for Google to understand. Fix them in one click.

Letterdrop turned my team into social sellers. We now have 2x engagement and 3x reach on LinkedIn that translates to pipeline.

Jordan Tennenbaum

Social Media Manager



Census saves 12 hrs/week creating SEO optimized content on Webflow and maximizing distribution on LinkedIn

Allie Beazell

Director of Marketing



Scribe grew search traffic to 70k/mo and paid signups by 11x by publishing 800 articles in 12 months while managing dozens of writers

Lauren Funaro

Head of Content



Ready to drive more traffic?

SEO is changing. Stop wasting time with outdated techniques. We helped build Google Search and now want to help you create helpful content to be discovered by your customers.


How is Letterdrop different from other SEO optimization tools?

Letterdrop is the only SEO tool that optimizes for people-first content. It helps you:
• answer search intent
• understand what topics (not just keywords) are already covered today
• identify new ideas that haven't been talked about (information gain)
• follow technical SEO best practices
• build internal links
Beyond SEO, it's actually a complete content marketing suite that takes you from idea to publish across your site, social media, and email.

Can I just use ChatGPT to achieve the same results?

Nope. Letterdrop pulls from different data sources - the top pages on the SERP, your Google Search Console, 3rd party keyword data, your internal sales call data to identify opportunities for you to surface recommendations and generate content. We've spent thousands of hours studying SEO best practices and implementing them so that you can just focus on your customers, not the nitpicky details of SEO.

Does Letterdrop integrate into my stack?

Letterdrop is actually a whole suite of content marketing tools designed to help you go from idea to publish as quickly as possible while following best practices. This includes project management, social distribution, and repurposing content. Explore our Solutions sections for more information.

Is Letterdrop a fit for me?

Letterdrop automates a lot of content marketing, but you still need a solid strategy and smart people in place. We can give you data, best practices, and automate workflows to maximize the chances of success of your content program. Here are some of our thoughts on when to invest in content and how to create a strategy:
When to invest in content marketing
Your first twenty pieces of content to drive revenue
B2B Content Marketing Strategy Playbook

If you feel like you've done the above, you might be a good fit for Letterdrop. Feel free to book time with us if you need help thinking through strategy. We're honest and won't sell you if you're not a good fit.

Will Letterdrop bring me more traffic and leads?

Check out our case studies, where our customers have seen 18x traffic and 11x paid customers from running content programs with Letterdrop.