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For Sales

Book more meetings and close deals faster

Social Selling
Starting at
/month annualized
Turn sellers into educators that build trust and pipeline. Book more meetings, increase connect rate and reply rate on LinkedIn.
Source content from objections, questions, aha moments in discovery calls
Generate first drafts from any calls, articles, and videos in the voice of your seller with AI templates
Publish to any connected seller or exec account and automate likes and comments to maximize distribution to buyers
Co-prospect and get your team to like or comment on posts to grab buyer attention
Requires virtually no work from sellers so takes no time away from calls
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Sales Enablement and Call Insights
Starting at
/month annualized
Understand what's stopping people from buying. Create and share the right sales enablement assets to remedy that post-call.
Weekly report with top questions on sales calls filtered by CRM data in your inbox
Automatic detection, categorizing, and grouping objections and questions
Suggestions for most relevant assets to move deal forward for follow up emails
One click first draft sales enablement generation
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For Marketing

Accelerate organic inbound

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/month annualized
Give yourself the highest chance of ranking with content. Automate the grungy SEO work to free up time to add your company's unique insights. Built by ex-Google Search engineers.
Automate the technical knowledge of the best SEO agencies
Information gap analysis to create competitive content
Add useful multimedia with one click. Run AI-led interviews with experts for insights. Upload directly to YouTube and embed in your page. Your competition can't copy that
Automatically build internal links
Bulk find, replace, and publish changes across your content
Monitor pages to be refreshed and get alerts when you need to take action
Google Docs like editor that published natively to Weblow, WordPress Classic, and HubSpot
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Revenue Attribution and Buyer Journey
Starting at
/month annualized
Identify what pages are driving pipeline and revenue. Focus on content that moves the needle. Understand what each buyer consumes before and during the sales cycle.
Report content sourced pipeline, content accelerated pipeline, and content influenced revenue
See buyer touch points across LinkedIn interactions, page visits, and sales calls at before and during sales cycle
For sales-led motions
Integrates with your company identification data from Clearbit, 6sense, ZoomInfo. Or we provide data from People Data Labs
Integrates with HubSpot and Salesforce CRMs
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Content Ops
Starting at
/month annualized
A simple unified workflow to collect ideas, manage manage writers, approvals, editing, and publishing at scale.
Idea intake via Slack and email
Integrated project management with custom stages
Writer approvals
No more scattered Google Docs, Drive, Asana, and marketing ops for publishing
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$995 / mo
You are a B2B marketer that wants to build more pipeline with your blog and LinkedIn
For GTM teams to build pipeline. Uncover marketing insights, create revenue-driving content, give sales and demand gen teams intent data
SEO Assistant
1 report = AI draft, update, or optimize an SEO-optimized article
12 reports
12 reports
Programmatic SEO
Video to Blog and Social Posts
Automated Internal Linking
Monitor Pages to Refresh
Fix Broken, Duplicate, & Redirect Links
Bulk Find and Replace
LinkedIn Social Selling and Employee Advocacy
Connected LinkedIn Accounts
Automated likes, reactions, reposts
Marketing Insights, Buyer Intent, and Sales Enablement
Pain, Objections, and Theme Insights from Sales Calls
Suggest relevant sales enablement content to Sales after calls
Content Revenue Attribution
Engaged Accounts Intent
Content Operations
Publish to Webflow, WordPress, HubSpot
Content Calendar
Project Management and Approvals
Publish to custom CMS
Seats and Support
Slack with 48 hr SLA
Slack with 12 hr SLA
Monthly Marketing Consulting and Business Reviews
Custom Integrations
SSO and Security Reviews
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We're in the who economy. Letterdrop helped us turn organic LinkedIn into our best channel for demos.

Alan Zhao

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We grew search traffic to 100k/mo and paid signups from website by 11x by scaling content with Letterdrop

Lauren Funaro

Head of Content


Letterdrop helped us create targeted sales enablement without having to listen to 100s of hours of sales calls

Susan Sivek

Content Lead

Pecan AI

Turn content into pipeline

Identify, create, and distribute revenue-generating content to your buyers. Letterdrop will learn, rinse, and repeat to help you build an organic demand gen flywheel.