More meetings.
No pitch-slapping.
A better way to outbound.

Understand why you close deals. Turn that into content for your sellers to share with buyers on LinkedIn and post-call. Build trust. Book more meetings. Close faster.

I would say Letterdrop is incredibly valuable to our overall business strategy and I recommend it to everybody.

Alan Zhao
Cofounder & Head of Marketing, Warmly
Head of Sales?
This letter is for you

The way we sell is changing. You don't want to keep running your old playbook and be caught off guard.

Cold outbound gets harder everyday. I didn't say it. Scott Leese did.

We’re entering an era where sales teams will focus less on spamming(leave that to the AI SDRs) and more on building trust with buyers.

Sellers of the future create content that meets the buyer where they consume information. Think smaller teams, but each rep has way more reach. Their job is to educate, both 1:1 and in public.

Ok, but that's the future... why should I care today?

Because your new grad SDRs and full cycle AEs aren’t booking meetings despite great messaging.

Every seller given the same information scraped from tools like Clay is already sending the same great "personalized" message.

That's table stakes. The hard part now is actually getting in front of the buyer.

And right now, no one trusts your sellers. They won't accept a LinkedIn request from them for fear of being pitch slapped.

People buy from people they trust, especially as ACV rises.

Buyers are looking for a partner who can educate and help them think through solutions to their business problems.

To build that trust, your reps need to be people worth connecting with.

Fine, you have 20 seconds to pitch me.

  1. We pull your sales call transcripts and help you understand what’s blocking prospects ACROSS calls prioritized by revenue impact
  2. We draft content automatically to address those blockers
  3. We share these with your reps ready to post on LinkedIn which turns them into social sellers who buyers want to connect with and reply to.
  4. We collect the ICP buyers who engage with your content across LinkedIn and website so you can reach out with a personalized message that other sellers can't copy. More meetings booked!
  5. Oh, and we’ll send relevant sales enablement assets post-call to address questions and progress deals faster - again, all with AI, and entirely automated.
More meetings booked

You've probably been pitched a lot of AI magic. The best way is to try it out and see for yourself.

I'm sold... should I book a demo?

Hold on. Just want to make sure it's a good use of your time.

If you don't record your sales calls today, our tooling can't analyze them for insights. Go get a Gong, Chorus, Fireflies, or Clari first.

If you sell to old school industries where your buyers don't even have LinkedIn accounts, we’re probably not going to be much help to you either.

Check and check... can I get a demo now?

Absolutely, you can book a demo here.

P.S. Not ready to chat yet? Connect or follow me on LinkedIn where I help hundreds of CROs adapt their GTM to a new way of elevated educational selling.

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