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Warmly Built an Influencer Network that Averages 10k Impressions Per Post with Letterdrop

Warmly is the first autonomous revenue orchestration platform purpose built for SMB sized revenue teams. The platform orchestrates metadata from sales enablement, B2B intent, and enrichment tools to identify, track, and connect with website visitors ready to convert.

Founded: 2020


Funding Round: Series A

Industry: Sales Tech

Warmly Home

Warmly Needed to Build an Influencer Network — Authentically

Alan Zhao is the co-founder and Head of Marketing at Warmly. With LinkedIn driving 90% of Warmly's business, Alan knew it was essential that the company continued to invest time in building and serving a community of buyers on the platform.

Cold outbound and ads is no longer a viable long-term strategy for companies. In fact, Alan believes these kinds of efforts actively hurt businesses.

He likens marketing to building a church and a church community. You need to build a community that trusts you if you want them to evangelize your product and encourage more buyers.

"Once you've created the 'church' and you have the strategic narrative, you can't just send an email out and here's my narrative, read it, believe me. You have to have missionaries.

They connect with you on a personal level, they're your friends and family, and they bring you over to their side." — Alan Zhao

He needed a way to do this at scale, and without high input cost.

Letterdrop Helps Warmly Amplify Influencer Posts Automatically

Letterdrop has completely removed the input costs to add value very quickly to Warmly's web of influencers in the network to get them promoting Warmly in return.

This is thanks to its ability to

  • Link company accounts to associate with
  • Automate likes and comments from those accounts in one click

This means Alan can boost influencers' posts, reaching thousands more prospects across his team's networks. In return, influencers promote Warmly and their offerings because of an authentic give-and-take relationship.

"And five times I'll boost [the influencer's] stuff so that the one time I ask them to promote one of our product launches, they'll do it." — Alan Zhao

The Business Impact of Letterdrop for Warmly

Warmly has built authentic relationships with the influencers in their network with the help of Letterdrop's boost features, which in turn drives pipeline.

Warmly drives an average of 10k impressions per LinkedIn post (20k if they really push it) for no additional budgetary work aside from a Letterdrop subscription fee.

Given that the average LinkedIn ad cost per 1,000 impressions is $6, Alan is saving more than $60 per post.

Advice to Other Companies Looking to Build Influencer Networks with Letterdrop

Here's what Alan had to say to other companies with regards to setting up a similar influencer network with Letterdrop.

"In this day and age, it's not just the how or the what economy, it's the who economy. It's not enough for me to say this grand story. It has to come from somebody else.

I would say Letterdrop is incredibly valuable to our overall business strategy and I recommend it to everybody." — Alan Zhao

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