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Strac Uses Letterdrop to Create Content that Drives 80% of Demos

About Strac

Strac is a data leak prevention platform that helps businesses avoid data breaches by securing their most sensitive customer data like SSN, DL, Passport, and Bank Statements across communication channels like email, cloud storage, and customer support.

Company Size: 8

Funding: Seed

Founded: 2021


Industry: Cybersecurity

Strac Blog
Strac's guides on data breach prevention

Aatish is the CEO and Founder of Strac. He was previously a Principal Engineer at Amazon, where he worked on securing payments data.

I've had many conversations with Aatish, acting as a sounding board for his marketing strategy at Strac, and two things stuck with me:

  • He is a technical founder who understands why marketing matters.
  • He is very serious about Strac investing in content. It has paid off for them, with over 80% of their leads inbound through content.

Why Did Strac Decide to Invest in Content as a Seed-Stage Startup?

Aatish believes that “content is durable.” It's the best way for companies to educate customers and share their mission. He wants to build a long-term business, and good content lasts forever. He wants people to keep coming back to Strac to learn about PII and securing their data.

I believe every company should do content before sales, let alone engineering.

Strac, like Letterdrop, is backed by Y-Combinator. At a YC talk, one of the speakers spoke about how they essentially built their entire business on content without spending on ads. On a long enough time frame, content is "free marketing" with "infinite ROI," and that struck a chord with Aatish.

What Were Strac's Challenges Before Letterdrop?

After the YC talk, he knew he wanted to invest in content, but as a busy founder and an 8-person team, he didn't have a lot of time to write. He was looking for a way to save time on marketing operations but still create high-quality content that Chief Security Officers (CSOs) and developers would trust.

How Did Letterdrop Help Strac?

With Letterdrop, the Strac team has been able to increase their content throughput, publishing 34 blog posts in 6 months with no dedicated marketing staffing. Specifically:

  • Strac saves 2 hours per blog post by spending less time dealing with marketing operations like formatting, embedding rich media, scheduling, and publishing to their site using Letterdrop's marketer-centric CMS. It is a "night and day" difference using Letterdrop vs. Webflow's basic CMS.
  • Strac automates distribution to social media. Letterdrop automatically creates first drafts of LinkedIn and Twitter posts using AI from their blog posts and publishes them to company and employee accounts.
  • Strac gets comprehensive suggestions to SEO-optimize all content, something they would have to pay agencies thousands of dollars per month for.
  • Strac understands which content is performing or not using Letterdrop's analytics and integrations with GA4 and Google Search Console.
  • Letterdrop is a "one-stop shop" that gives Strac the necessary data around what competitors are ranking for, keyword data like search volume and difficulty. This helps the team save money from buying in-depth keyword research tooling like Semrush or ahrefs at this early stage.

Overall, Letterdrop improved Strac's content marketing productivity, allowing them to create more content than they could have given their staffing as a seed stage business.

‎‎Aatish is hiring for a full-time for a Head of Demand Gen and Technical Content Marketer to bolster their content marketing efforts. He expects these new hires and even engineers to write guides about PII and data privacy. Content marketing has been an effective growth lever for Strac.

What Was the Impact of Content Through Letterdrop on Strac's Business?

In the last six months, Strac has grown its organic traffic from 0 to over 400 visitors per month in a niche industry (it's high-value where each contract is high five to six figures).

80% of Strac's leads are inbound through content. While Aatish can’t disclose exact figures, he says a “good portion” of Strac’s revenue now comes from inbound leads generated through their content and SEO efforts. They had an enterprise lead come in via Google Search and have had many smaller customers come in via their LinkedIn posts.


Advice From Aatish for Other Companies Thinking About Content for the First Time

‎Aatish comes from Amazon, a company with a strong writing culture. Writing is thinking and helps people clarify thoughts. Regardless of the size of your company, you should be creating content and get as many employees who can to take part. It's the best way to educate your customers and become a destination for them to learn about the problems you solve.

Aatish recommends founders and marketers invest in content creation and use tools like Letterdrop to scale their output efficiently. With the rise of AI, platforms like Letterdrop will only continue to enhance content marketing productivity.

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