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Rize Increased Qualified Traffic 10% in One Month with Letterdrop

Rize helps independent colleges grow enrollment by building and managing affordable, career-oriented academic programs that leverage high-quality online courses taught by peer institutions.

Founded: 2015


Industry: Ed Tech Software

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The Challenges Rize Faced Before Letterdrop

Creating Meaningful Content at Scale Was Difficult

Jimmy Pawelski is the Growth Marketing Lead at Rize.

He and his team were initially aiming for one blog post a week — but gathering insights and pushing the blog through its due processes was manual and time consuming.

They sampled some free video-to-text solutions to try and speed up the process, but even after endless prompting, most of the outputs were unusable.

The whole content creation process became a challenge for the Rize team, making scaling good content difficult.

Creating Content from Sales Call Insights Was Tedious

Jimmy and his team knew the value of listening in on sales calls to help create targeted content, but the time spent trying to get insights from hours of calls was simply not sustainable.

"The other area in which we were facing challenges previously was a lot of time spent in analyzing content and insight themes from sales calls." — Jimmy Pawelski

It Was Challenging to Get Buy-In for Social Selling

Jimmy and his team wanted to build relationships with potential buyers on LinkedIn through developing an internal social selling program.

However, constantly trying to get the company to engage on LinkedIn via Slack messages didn't get the engagement the team wanted since everyone was busy and messages often got ignored.

This meant Rize wasn't getting as much exposure as they wanted.

How Did Letterdrop Help Rize?

Letterdrop's Smart Tooling Helps Create Targeted Content at Scale

Rize started leveraging Letterdrop's built-in SEO and AI tooling to help create better targeted content, faster.

Letterdrop helped Rize:

  • Understand search intent better — how, why, and where customers were searching for information
  • Know which topics needed to be covered to a) answer customer questions and b) rank higher on Google
  • Turn video into text with 85-90% accuracy
"From a content creation perspective, Letterdrop has really been huge for us, allowed us to scale, create much more content, much better content overall that's really resonating with our audience." — Jimmy Pawelski

Rize Can Create Content from Sales Calls Automatically

Letterdrop integrates with Gong, allowing Rize to:

  • Automatically pull important insights (objections, questions, etc)
  • Turn those insights into blog post drafts automatically so that they can send these to clients

The turnaround for sales calls to insights is now less than a day for the Rize team thanks to this integration.

Letterdrop Automates Social Selling Entirely

Jimmy no longer has to lose time begging his team to post and engage on LinkedIn.

With Letterdrop, he can draft posts quickly and automate likes and comments from team accounts without any additional input required. This is done through LinkedIn APIs.

The Business Impact of Letterdrop for Rize

After one month of using Letterdrop, here are the results Jimmy drove for Rize:

  • Content output has 3x'ed
  • Articles are ranking within a matter of days of applying SEO recommendations
  • There's been a 5-10% increase in qualified blog traffic
  • An overall increase in engagement and followers on LinkedIn

Ready to optimize output like Rize?

Scale content that is actually capable of driving business with our smart tooling

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