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Next DLP Drives 21% of Meetings Booked from Content Optimized with Letterdrop

Next DLP is a cloud-based provider of data protection solutions for organizations with valuable data who need to uncover risk, educate employees and fulfill security, compliance, and regulatory needs.

Founded: 2020


Industry: Cybersecurity

Next DLP
Next DLP's home page

What Were the Challenges Next DLP Faced Before Letterdrop?

Problem #1: "Spray and Pray" Content Was Driving Unqualified Traffic

Lauren Koppelman is the Senior Manager of Content and Marketing Operations over at Next DLP.

Before chatting to us at Letterdrop, Lauren realized that in order to meet her inherited conversion goals, she would theoretically need to triple inbound traffic. She started what she describes as a "spray and pray" programmatic SEO approach.

But this wasn't helping her increase her user-to-lead ratio. It was raw traffic rather than qualified, high-value traffic. This wasn't going to help her increase the user-to-lead number or achieve her revenue goals.

Problem #2: It Was a Hassle To Get the Company to Amplify Posts on LinkedIn

Lauren knows the benefits of social selling and employee advocacy on LinkedIn, but getting her team to engage with and amplify posts was time-consuming and ineffective.

She would have to beg the team to engage across multiple Slack channels but only around 5% of people would actually go and engage. This meant content wasn't getting maximum distribution.

Problem #3: The Publishing Process Was Tedious and Time-Consuming

Lauren and her team use HubSpot for publishing, but they were needing to jump between five or so tabs just to get everything aligned with their databases and to get their blog posts out.

This cut into valuable time.

"We have a multi-step process for publishing content to our site just because of the way that it was built on our platform. So you have to publish it through HubSpot, but then you have to go over to files and upload all this information into another database." — Lauren Koppelman

Problem #4: Planning and Managing Social Posts Was Time Consuming

Lauren is responsible for demand gen, operations, content creation, social creation, and more.

This is a high demand on her time, and worrying about whether the right social posts were scheduled and cross-checking everything was not an effective use of that time.

How Did Letterdrop Help Next DLP?

Letterdrop's Suite of SEO Tooling Helps Drive More Qualified Leads

Lauren now runs her content through Letterdrop's SEO Assistant, which can auto-fix a variety of technical SEO errors, help with complete topical coverage on the SERPs, and even offers suggestions to optimize better for information gain.

There's also a plagiarism feature and a Grammarly integration to help her SEO team produce higher-quality SEO content that actually ranks.

Social Amplification Happens Automatically

Lauren no longer needs to beg her team to engage with posts on LinkedIn.

With her team's permission, she can auto-generate likes and comments from anyone in the company to amplify posts using the Letterdrop LinkedIn feature.

This has increased Next DLP's visibility in search and generated more meetings.

The sales team have also been more inspired to engage and sell on LinkedIn as a result.

Letterdrop Can Publish Directly to Multiple Platforms and Custom CMS

Lauren no longer has to have five different tabs open to manage publishing.

Letterdrop acts as a headless CMS that can publish directly to HubSpot, Reddit, Medium, Slack, and more.

"Letterdrop makes publishing so much easier. We finalize the content. We upload all the files there, and it handles all of that stuff. You don't have to go to five different pages to get everything aligned.

And it's not just to HubSpot. It publishes to Slack. It publishes to LinkedIn. It publishes to Twitter." — Lauren Koppelman

AI Takes Care of Social Posts and Other Menial Tasks to Free Up Time

Lauren uses the Letterdrop LinkedIn generator to create first drafts of posts directly from the post URL, which saves her time brainstorming social campaigns.

The AI also takes care of several other tasks like social scheduling and project management, further freeing her up for more strategic work.

The Business Impact of Letterdrop on Next DLP

Using Letterdrop has awarded Lauren and Next DLP with several benefits:

  • 21% (5/24) of meetings in 2024 to-date have been generated directly from content optimized with Letterdrop
  • Lauren is on track to double meetings this year compared to last year
  • There's been an average increase of 1608 LI impressions per month (~19,000 per year) since using Letterdrop
  • Site visits from organic social increased by 55% MoM
  • Organic search is up 20% MoM

Using Letterdrop has also meant that Lauren has more time to execute on strategy, such as paid and organic campaigns.

Double meetings booked with a tool built by ex-Googlers

Increase your conversions like Lauren by investing in an organic demand tool like Letterdrop

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