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May 20, 2024

How to Use AI in Sales Enablement

Keelyn Hart
Content Writer at Letterdrop


  • AI can help sales teams by automating tasks, providing valuable data, and aligning with marketing efforts
  • AI can be used to understand why buyers don't buy, create sales enablement content faster, suggest the right content to sellers, and build trust with prospects
  • Letterdrop is a tool that utilizes AI to automate various sales enablement tasks and improve sales processes
  • Using AI in sales enablement can lead to faster deal closures and improved customer relationships

How Can AI Help in Sales Enablement?

In the last couple of years, AI has changed a lot of GTM workflows.

While it's not quite ready to replace your SDRs or AEs, it can help them in three major ways:

  1. It frees up time by automating "grunt work". This means faster ramp times and more quality time with customers
  2. It gives them the more of the right data at the right time so that they're able to better understand what's needed to book more meetings and move deals forward faster
  3. It allows them align with the marketing team. More actionable data means marketing teams better understand what content they can create to help move deals along

The 4 Best Use Cases for AI in Sales Enablement

Use Case 1: Understanding Why Buyers Don't Buy

A major blocker to selling today is that sellers don't know why deals were stalled or lost.

Before AI and automated workflows, sales teams had to manually track and aggregate data.

Today, you can use AI to identify objections slowing down deals.

Sales call transcription software like Gong, Chorus, ‎Fathom, and Fireflies generate transcripts of calls.

Ideally, you should be able to use AI to sift through this data and answer questions like:

  • What are the top objections we faced amongst Closed/Lost deals?
  • What feature were prospects interested in among Closed/Won deals?
  • What competitor did we go up against most often last month?

You could use an LLM like ChatGPT to help you answer all of these questions.

You'd need to copy over all of the transcripts from your call transcription software, though — the back-and-forth prompting can become tedious, you may have a limit on how much you can paste over, and more.

This entire process is automated in Letterdrop. Its AI can aggregate data from all your calls and give you the answers to the above questions.

Letterdrop can aggregate call data to answer questions
Letterdrop can aggregate call data to answer questions

It can also group common observations and recurring themes.

You can opt to get a weekly report of all the latest questions being asked in calls, too.

You can schedule call analysis reports in Letterdrop
You can schedule call analysis reports in Letterdrop

This helps you understand your customers, what's stopping prospects from buying, and where you need to invest to improve your sales process.

Greg Costigan, who has led sales at companies like Box and Zenefits, says that watching your "game film" or sales calls back is one of the best ways to consistently improve sales.

Use Case 2: Shortening Time To Creating Sales Enablement

Before AI, product marketers and sales enablement teams spent hours on gathering research and writing compelling content to pass along to sales reps.

Given enough context, AI can aggregate information on customer questions, sales rep answers to those questions, and existing material on the topic to create a first draft of sales enablement content.

But once again, this requires a heavy lift on your part, having to feed the AI all of this context yourself in the hopes of getting something usable in return.

We've created an AI workflow in Letterdrop that can do all of the above for you, including setting up a first draft.

Set up a first draft from call data with Letterdrop
Set up a first draft from call data with Letterdrop

Use Case 3: Suggesting the Right Sales Enablement Content to Sellers

Instead of trying to create a massive repository of sales enablement content and information in tools like Notion and Google Drive, you can now use AI to proactively suggest the right assets.

(We have a guide on creating sales enablement content that closes deals if you're interested.)

AI can listen to your sales calls and, based on questions asked, suggest the right assets to share with the buyer.

This helps educate buyers and move deals forward faster.

Letterdrop has access to your entire site and is equipped with all the contextual information it needs to suggest the right content to share.

Suggesting the right content based on sales questions
Suggesting the right content based on sales questions

AI in sales enablement use case example
AI in sales enablement use case example

Use Case 4: Helping Sellers Build Trust with Prospects

If a question is asked enough across your sales calls, it's indicative that other prospects probably have the same question.

You should be answering it and offering thought leadership on the subject on platforms like LinkedIn, and encouraging your sales team to become trusted social sellers.

AI can help turn call insights into LinkedIn posts — there are plenty of AI tools out there with templates set up for this purpose.

However, Letterdrop can identify the questions and turn them into shareable content automatically.

It can also automate engagement from your team, amplifying your posts across multiple networks without any additional lift on your part.

This in turn helps book more meetings. Take it from our own sales rep.

"My LinkedIn presence has been playing a huge role in helping me beat my quota.

Two weeks ago I booked a meeting in less than a minute because they saw I was 'Ryan from Letterdrop' and said, 'I've seen you on LinkedIn. I love the stuff you put out.'

Our ICP sees me as a peer because I'm putting out helpful and relevant content."

— Ryan Patel, Founding BDR at Letterdrop

Use AI in Sales the Right Way to Close More Deals

Don't just use AI to cut down on busy work — use it to be of real help to close those deals.

It's also important to keep customer privacy in mind — copying information into ChatGPT isn't safe.

We can help you create and distribute the right assets to the right folks to make that happen, safely, with SOC-2.

Automate sales enablement today

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