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We're in the who economy. Letterdrop helped us turn organic LinkedIn into our best channel for demos.

Alan Zhao

Head of Marketing


We grew search traffic to 100k/mo and paid signups from website by 11x by scaling content with Letterdrop

Lauren Funaro

Head of Content


Letterdrop helped us create targeted sales enablement without having to listen to 100s of hours of sales calls

Susan Sivek

Content Lead

Pecan AI

B2B GTM is changing

Your cold outbound playbook from 2010 is dead. Instead, understand why and how your customers buy, create the right content to address that, and distribute the heck out of it.

Focus on revenue-driving content

73% of content doesn’t impact pipeline. We analyze CRM, sales call, and buyer journey data to help you focus on what matters.

Create once. Distribute everywhere

Streamline content creation. Optimize it for SEO and LinkedIn to get it in front of your buyers.

Understand what in-market buyers care about

Build interest profiles of your buyers based on LinkedIn and website content consumption. Use this in ad and outreach campaigns.

Step 1: Collect data

Identify what drives revenue

What are buyers asking in sales calls? What are they reading on your site and LinkedIn? Which content leads to pipeline and revenue? Use first party customer data to create content that lands with buyers and moves them to purchase.

Step 2: Create assets

Create valuable content with AI assistance

Source info from your customers, employees, and competitors to create revenue-driving content in minutes, not hours. AI-assisted, not generated.

Turn webinars into blog posts. Instant SEO research with competitive gap analysis. Generate LinkedIn posts that sound like your CEO. Get expert insights on YouTube in one click.

Step 3: Maximize distribution

Get the right content in front of buyers

You don’t have to be a channel expert. Our SEO tools help you reverse engineer what ranks and create genuinely useful content. Trust us. We used to work on Google Search.

LinkedIn automations get your entire team social selling. Get your sellers the right sales enablement content for their followup email right after a call.

Organic pipeline on auto-pilot

Stop random acts of marketing. Create content that will actually get buyers to pay attention. Get it in front of them at the right time. Letterdrop will learn, rinse, and repeat to help you build an organic demand gen flywheel.

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